Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 8, 2009

Independent testing & project management

When the testing for a software project is done by an independent testing team then what are the challenges faced by the development project manager? This is a good question because now a days more and more software testing is being done by independent testing teams.

If you are a development project manager facing this prospect then how you are managing the testing team? Earlier you used to manage the testing team yourself or at least used to manage the test lead who used to report to you. No longer! Things have changed. You do not even see the test team as they are operating from a different site and perhaps from an altogether different geographical location.

You need not worry. They will be doing their testing work independently. The only worry for you might be that now that they are independent, you do not have any influence on them. They may try to trouble you perhaps with all those nasty defect reports. Nevertheless, it is part of their job and you must cope with those defect reports.

If you look at the bigger picture then you may realize that this scenario is actually better for yourself. Now that the software product being built by you is getting thoroughly tested, there will be fewer defects going into the production instance of your software product. That means, fewer defect reports will come from end users. And that is the most beneficial situation for you. Now you don’t face the prospects of seeing your job on the line whenever you released any software product. Ultimately it is you who gets blamed for all those defects reported by the end users. The fewer defect reports coming from them the better for you.


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