Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 11, 2009

Career advice for software testing professionals

It is not a news that we are into a long and severe economic recession. It may take another year or so when the economy may start recovering. It may be longer. Who knows.

In this environment, millions of people are already suffering due to job loss and difficulty in finding new jobs. How to cope in such a bad situation if you lost your job and are not able to find another one.

The natural alternative for people is to do some odd jobs to meet their expenses and just to survive. They may work on Gas stations, do pizza delivery, work in factories or just do whatever comes their way.

That is fine. But keep one thing in mind that things may be bad today, but definitely they will improve if not tomorrow then sometimes after. Never loose hope! Be positive! Most importantly keep working on your long term plans. Whenever you find an opportunity, do some freelance job. Find time to network with people. Find resources to enhance your skills.

Most important thing you may do is to do some research to find out if your area of expertise has any good potential for career. With changing times, many professions are becoming obsolete fast. There will not be good potential left in that profession any longer. It will be far better to take this opportunity of break from regular work to learn a new trade which has a good potential in future. For example, if you have been working in maintenance projects for a technology areas which are fast becoming obsolete then you skill set will no longer have a good chance to land you a good job. If you are in this kind of situation then learn a new technology area instead of trying to get jobs in the same area.


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