Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 12, 2009

Lifelong learning! How to do it?

Most of us are so engrossed in our current status quo that we forget that life exists beyond the mundane world we live in. Here I am not referring to spiritual world, life after death etc. Indeed these are sublime states but most of us can never imagine or have enough time to think about these things. But most of us at least can think out of the box and improve our lives and that of others around us.

On weekdays, indeed our day is crammed with so many to do lists that it is impossible to find time for something other than these to do lists (work, self, family or society related stuff). But on weekends we can try to do something which can make a difference in our own lives.

Just spare one hour on any weekend. Make your mind totally free from all worries, to do lists, long term goals etc. When you are done then just imagine yourself to be totally cut off from your city, your neighborhood, your family etc. When your mind is totally free from all the worldly affairs, then think about what you wanted your life to be like. Now compare this ideal situation to the situation you are in. Now make a list of 3 most important things in your opinion which led to the difference between the 2 states (ideal versus actual) in any sphere of life; be it work, family or your own personal problem related. Now try to find out ways to tackle each of these 3 things. Write down these strategies. If the one hour you spared is not enough then whatever strategies you made in one hour; is OK for now.

Next weekend, again spare one hour of your time. Analyse the strategy you made last week. If you think it is good enough? If you think you can now make a better strategy? If so then start over again and revise your strategy.

Keep doing this exercise till your are sure about strategy. When you are sure that your strategy will work, start executing it.

Even during execution if you find that it is not working or you can make it better; do it.

Believe me, it works. Just try it!



  1. I get a lot of valuable information from your article.


    • Thnx for your valuable comment. I will keep posting useful information on my blog.

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