Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 13, 2009

Breaks in employment, how to cover up!

Most of employers do not see kindly when they see long breaks in employment. Whereas you are helpless and find it difficult to answer it, your chances of getting employment become bleak.

To cover up those breaks, there are many solutions given by many career experts and you can find them on many career advice sites. My own perception is that, you should accept it honestly and then can give plausible reasons. I am sure, an honest answer with conviction will not harm your chances. However, the employers will look as to what you did in that situation. They will look for positive things you may have done in a negative turn in your career. You must show to the employer that you did some constructive things in that break. Like you attended some courses to improve your skills, or did some freelance stuff to fill the gap between two employment periods. The more convincingly you show your positive side, the better will be your chances.

In fact, employers try to find winners among candidates. And the winners are always the people who overcome drawbacks and downfalls with courage and positive thinking. So even if there are other candidates who did not had any breaks in their careers, a candidate with some breaks can still be the winner if he shows these qualities in his/her personality.


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