Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 14, 2009

True lies at job interviews

Is it ethical or correct to lie at job interviews? Many people are dead against it but let us analyse some facts.

When you lie to harm somebody then it is definitely it is a bad thing and definitely not ethical by any means. If you lie to protect or save somebody then definitely it is a good thing and is completely ethical. If you tell the truth to harm somebody purposefully then it is a bad thing and definitely it is not ethical. If you keep mum to protect somebody then it is a good thing. If you keep mum to harm somebody then it is a bad thing.

So we see that telling the truth can sometimes be unethical and similarly lying to protect somebody is totally ethical and in fact is desirable.

Coming to job interviews, should you lie about your past experience or qualifications? This is a million dollar question because many people face this dilemma many times during their lives. The fact is that when you tell a lie at a job interview, you are not harming anybody. But if the degree of lie is very high then definitely you will harm yourself. For example, if you lie about your qualifications and later it is found out that your statement about your qualifications were incorrect then you will not only lose your job but will face ignominy in front of others. So you will harm yourself. So lying about qualifications is not a good thing for you. But you can keep mum about your qualifications. That is fine. For example, your undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering and you have experience more in Software Engineering. You are applying for a job which requires a undergraduate degree. Now if you state your undergraduate degree as Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, you feel that your chances of getting the job might be difficult. Instead you decide to write your degree as Bachelor of Engineering. In this case, you are correct in stating your degree (even though you hid a part of the information). In this situation, even if it is found out later that your degree is in fact Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering then you are OK since you have not lied. You have just kept mum on a part of your degree.


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