Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 15, 2009

Advice for software project managers

Most of the software project managers have no clue about software testing and quality assurance and their importance on software projects. Due to lack of knowledge and understanding, they tend to downplay role of these areas on software projects.

They think that their team should build the software design and write the source code as early as possible and then test the built software product and remove all the defects later. Designing and building the software product early will provide them with ample time for testing the software product thoroughly.

How grossly wrong is their notion! Imagine you want to build a house and you ask the building contractor to build it quickly without paying much attention to building design quality, material quality, construction planning etc. thinking that once the building is built you can check quality of the building and then take appropriate measures for getting the required quality of the building. You see, it is simply not possible to inject good quality in the building after it is built. Quality must be ensured from the very beginning when the building was conceptualized. Only then quality of the finished building will be good.

It is the same case with software projects. If you want to build a good software product, you must have a quality plan from the inception of the project. If it is not done then the built software product will be of shoddy quality. Improving quality of thus built software product will be very difficult. The software design may need to be changed. Or a large scale change in the source code may need to be done. These things may lead to putting in almost same effort as building the software product from scratch. This means effort for building the software product may go 2 times compared to the scenario when a good quality plan was in place.



  1. Excellent tips for Project Managers, yet the complete opposite of an article I published a while ago: Testing Early and Often Can be a Wasted Effort, which really contradicts what you’re saying.

    I am interested in republishing your article on PM Hut, please either email me or contact me through the “Contact Us” form on the PM Hut site in case you’re OK with this.

    • Thnx for your comments. You can republish my article with credits and link to this blog.

      – Ashfaque Ahmed

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