Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 24, 2009

How to distinguish a good book

There are many great people. There are also many great books. Many great people have written books on various subjects. If all these books authored by great people are good books?

A good book should have easy and simple language. The reader should be able to understand what the author intends to convey. If the language of the book is difficult or the book lacks continuity or the language is not interesting then the reader will not be able to benefit from the book. The learning will not be much. The good intention of writing the book will be lost since the reader is not able to understand and thus not able to benefit from it. On the other hand if the book is written in a lucid and simple language then the reader will be able to understand the concepts presented in the book.

It is not necessary that the author has some great knowledge about a subject. What is required is the presentation of the subject in a language which can be easily digested by even novice readers. This fact makes the real difference between a great book and a not so great book. Most authors try to pour their tremendous knowledge in their books but forget about this simple fact and thus end up using difficult and hard to understand language in their books.


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