Posted by: ahmedashfaque | February 8, 2010

What is software engineering

We know about many engineering fields like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering, chemical engineering, electronics engineering, telecommunication engineering etc. We also hear about software engineering. But what is software engineering? How it is related to computer science or computer engineering or information technology? If we exactly know what it really means to be a software engineer? What a software engineer does?

Before we delve into software field, let us first see what engineering means. Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge in specific fields to make goods, devices, machines and even new inventions. So implementation of electrical science theories to make electrical goods, gadgets, appliances, machines and equipment is the job of electrical engineering. Similarly implementation of mechanical scientific theories to make or build mechanical devices, inventions, machines, goods etc. is the task of mechanical engineering.

Software engineering is the implementation of computer science (somehow software science as a coined name never clicked. What we have is computer science which is a common science behind both computer engineering and software engineering) knowledge to make or build software applications, software products etc. In computer science, we have theories which are used to make programming languages, compiler design, human machine interaction etc. Software engineering uses these computer science techniques and methods to build software applications and software products.



  1. I like your post!

    • Thanks Leonard. Keep visiting my blog. I keep writing interesting stuff.


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