Posted by: ahmedashfaque | March 9, 2010

Kinds of Software Projects

Software projects come in many flavors. From different perspectives they can be categorized into many categories. From business use perspectives, software projects can be for developing products like ERP, Supply Chain management, Customer Relationship Management, personal productivity tools (MS Office, Open Office, various word processors and spreadsheets etc.). Developing each types of these products might require a different kind of approach for the project.

Software projects can also be categorized based on the products they are developing for the type of users who will be using them. Some of the example in this space might include developing products for internal company users, providing access to partners or customers, home users  and off course social media.

Again projects can also be categorized based on for whom the project has been undertaken. Some project are executed for building products which will be used in-house. Some projects are outsourced so that a service provider works on the project. Some projects are outsourced to a service provider whose team is based on an offshore location. These factors make projects different from each other.

Projects can also be seen to be different from each other from the point of view of how they are being developed (or developing). Some products can be sold only when they are complete while some other products can be sold even when they are partially complete. In case, when a partial complete product can be sold; the development can be done incrementally.

Projects can also be categorized for developing software application or software product. When a software product is developed as an application, it is supposed to be used only by the company for which it is developed. In this case, the software product contains only set of features requested by end users. A Software product developed by a software vendor on the other hand contains a large number of features. Some kind of users who buy that product use only a set of features while other users may use a separate set of software features. Each feature again may contain a rich set of sub-features because some users may use a set of sub-features while other users may use some other set of sub-features.

Software projects can also be considered different from each other based on how they will be used by users. Some product can be used as a product (Software as a Product) while others may be used as a service (Software as a Service). Developing each kind of these products may require different kind of project approach.

One more kind of difference emerges if the project is instituted for developing a software product or implementing a software product. Many vendors have developed large software products like ERP, SCM, CRM and other software products. These products can not be used as it is by end users. These products need to be implemented and the implementation process involves installation, data creation, data migration, customization and many other allied activities on the project. These large software products are available for implementation now but they themselves have been developed earlier through a software project.

There are some more elements which makes each software project different. We can have project for developing embedded products, web based products, client server products etc.



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