Posted by: ahmedashfaque | July 20, 2011

Career advice: jumping from brick & mortar jobs to software industry

Software industry is still a better option for people. Even during recession, jobs cuts in software industry was far less than those in other industries. In fact, jobs in software industry is always growing whereas jobs in other industries keep reducing. Software & IT graduates always bag jobs whether it is recession season or growth season.

How people employed in other industries can switch their jobs in the software industry?

Most of the people working in other industries use software systems one way or the other, in their daily working lives. Some of these people have strong inclination for mathematics. These people can easily educate themselves to be good software programmers. Some other people have inclination for using building blocks to build structures. These people can switch to software designing. Still other people have inclination for breaking apart any gizmo and find out how it works. These people can find themselves doing software testing after a little bit of training and education. Similarly people who have inclination for speaking with customers and finding out their needs can have great careers as business analysts.

There is indeed a room available for all kinds of people in the software industry.


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