Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 14, 2012

Excerpt from chapter 12 of my book “Software Project Management: A Process Driven Approach”

Here is an excerpt from chapter 12 of my book “Software Project Management: A process driven approach”

Continuous integration

Continuous integration of source code is an important aspect of all software development work at the SaaS vendor. The central source code build is used to make continuous integration of all source code developed by all development teams. Once any developer checks and tests his own code for unit and integration on his own local build of the software product, he checks in his code on the central build. This exercise is depicted in the figure given below.


Figure 12.7: Software continuous build and integration lifecycle management


Some other highlights of the product development effort for release 6.0 included having a quality assurance and quality control measures built into the development lifecycle. The developers used to do unit and integration testing for their own written source code while the development team also used to do code walkthroughs and code inspections.


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