Posted by: ahmedashfaque | March 30, 2014

Why you want to be a SAP MM consultant

Before you make up your mind to become a SAP MM consultant, it is good question to ask as to why you want to become a SAP MM consultant. Well, there are many good reasons. SAP is still the market leader in ERP software. ERP software implementation projects make a good share of all IT spending by governments and private companies. Even support of ERP systems make a good share of all IT spending. The future is also bright and future spending on ERP implementation or support will continue. Once a person moves into SAP arena, he/she doesn’t need to look for any other alternative career. There will always be demand for SAP consultants. The pay package too is good for SAP consultants.

SAP MM is a core module in SAP package. Where ever there is manufacturing, purchase or storage of goods is required, SAP MM module is implemented. So SAP MM consultants are always in good demand.

Career progression for SAP MM consultants is also excellent. First they will work on SAP projects as junior consultants. Once they have acquired good experience of 3-4 years then they can move to take senior consultant role on projects. generally on large projects, there will be many SAP MM consultants (most of the time this is the case). The senior most consultant is the SAP MM lead consultant on such projects. Once you master SAP MM module then you can learn other modules which come inside supply chain area. these modules include warehouse management (WM), supplier relationship management (SRM), Transportation management (TM), shipping, Sales & Distribution (SD) etc. You can learn one of these modules and your contribution on projects increases. You salary will also increase proportionately.

A SAP MM lead consultant can become a SAP project manager once he has acquired experience and skills of some other modules.He/she also need to have a good knowledge of integration of various SAP modules.

So you can see that it makes sense to become a SAP MM consultant.




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