Posted by: ahmedashfaque | March 31, 2014

Road map to learn SAP MM part 1

So you finally decided to make investment in learning SAP MM. this is good because a career in SAP is very satisfying and lucrative as well.

Starting with free resources from where you can pick up good information for free. If you google to search for SAP MM material on the internet, you will get good number of sites which are good and free. Access to SAP Documentation from SAP AG is also free. there is tons of information on SAP website. The problem is that for a novice, it is difficult to know where to start and which are the useful information from that pile. But anyway if you have patience and you are focused then you will find your way. The key here is that you should be patient and focused. Only then you will be able to learn properly. Never allow yourself to wander and keep reading everything. Just read and grasp information which is useful to you. For instance, you will waste your time learning about other modules. Just focus yourself to search and learn information related to SAP MM.

For practice you can contact IDES people at to get free acceess on their live SAP instance. If you are lucky then you will get access from them for free. there are some other service providers who charge for giving access to their live SAP instance.

Once you have access to some live SAP instance then you can start practicing. Don’t get overwhelmed if you are not able to complete¬†even basic transactions. SAP transactions are complex in nature and require many inputs (master data / transaction data). If any input is missing or wrong then your transaction will not work. Also it is possible that you are not following the correct steps to be taken in making the transaction complete. If you encounter any problems then refer online SAP documentation.

If you want to learn SAP MM quickly then you refer to my book (The SAP Materials management Handbook). it is available at and most of the retail book shops. it is also available online as e-book at Amazon and many online access communities.

In my next post I will discuss about terminology of SAP MM.



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