Posted by: ahmedashfaque | March 31, 2014

Road map to learn SAP MM: part 2

SAP terminology is very different from the general terminology used on other IT systems. This is one of the major bottlenecks in learning SAP. You should get used to this terminology.

First let us discuss some words used in SAP MM which are very  uncommon.

Info record: this word is used to denote a data record in SAP system which denotes a price for a material by a vendor to a purchase organization of a company.

IMG: It is short for Implementation Guide. IMG is the area where a lot of functionality is present as options / alternative to standard functionality in SAP. A SAP MM consultant is supposed to work extensively inside IMG to configure the system as per requirement specification / blue print.

Matchcode: A tool for finding specific record Mainly used to find possible entries for an input field

Transaction code: It is a 4 digit code to execute a particular transaction.

Movement type: This is a 3 digit code which denotes what kind of movement happens for a material during any inventory management transaction.

release strategy: Release strategy is used to authorize a purchase in SAP.

SPRO: SPRO stands for SAP Project Reference Object. It is used to configure the setting as per your client requirement by using the standard setting present in the system. This where you can do all the SAP configuration work.

I will give some more interesting terminology in SAP MM in my future posts. The general terminology which is same in SAP as other IT systems, you can find out about them from sources on the internet or from SAP.



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