Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 16, 2014

Master data management in SAP

Any user can create a material, vendor, info record, plant or any other master record in the SAP system. If master data creation and maintenance is not controlled then the SAP system will be cluttered with wrong, mismatching data and data integrity can become a real issue. Let us discuss how this situation can be prevented.

General consideration:

A master data in SAP is partitioned into 3. Data at the client (corporate) level, organization data at company code (legal entity level) and transaction data. When creating any master data record, always think about this partitioning of data.

Material Master:

Material master data information like material name, unit of measure etc. exist at client level. When the material is extended for a plant or storage location then storage location or plant specific data is created and saved at company code level. When a user needs to create a material master record, he/she should first see if the same material is already created for any other organization (other plant at other company code etc.). If the material already exists then instead of creating a new material record, the user should extend the material to his plant/storage location. A better way of doing this is to create a focal group at client level (corporate level) and material creation rights should be given to only this group. Users at other places should have authority only to extend any material at their organization.

This strategy will ensure that unnecessary material master records are not created in the SAP system.

Vendor Master:

Vendor master is also one area which sees many entries created for the same vendor. Each business group creates its own list of vendors and thus there are more than one entry for the same vendor as some vendors supply goods or services to more than one business group. Thus vendor master creation should also be restricted to a focal group at corporate level.

Other masters like plants, storage locations, purchase organizations, purchase groups etc. are seldom created and hence they are not subject to creation abuse.



  1. Hi Ashfaque
    Jasbir here again. Can you please elaborate further on how to maintain data integrity in master data. My customer is facing a lot of problems on this aspect and i need to provide a solution for them. It is very urgent.

    • Hi Jasbir
      You can give me all the details. i can then analyze and find out exact problems.

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