Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 18, 2014

Batch management in SAP: batch classifiction

When manufacturing is done in batches then you need to keep some batch information like manufacturing date, quality results etc. When the system is searched for a specific batch for goods issue or some other material movement then the information stored about batch specific quality results or manufacturing date come handy. Where you keep these pieces of information in the SAP system?

These batch specific information is stored in the characteristics which are inside classes attached to a material. This system of storing information about batches inside classes is known as batch classification.

Let us take one example. In steel plants, when liquid steel is produced then after quality inspection, the quality control department enters the quality results into the system for that batch (it is known as heat number). For one heat, suppose the results are Carbon – 0.2%, Silicon – 0.4%, Manganese – 0.7%. This liquid steel is then cast into billets. the produced billets are stored in the warehouse.

Now suppose the rolling mill wants to roll billets with Carbon – 0.2%, Silicon – 0.4%, Manganese – 0.7%. To know which lot of billets in the warehouse has this chemical composition, the inventory person searches the batches in the system. He founds out the lot and then dispatches the required billets to the rolling mill department.

Batch classification is very important in many industries like steel, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum etc industries.


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