Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 21, 2014

how to learn SAP materials management (SAP MM)

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You can learn SAP MM using the sources I will mention here. But first you need to set some rules to ensure that you are learning the right things. Otherwise you will end up learning wrong things. it is also important to note how much learning is enough to land a good job as a SAP MM consultant.

The first thing to note is that SAP is vast. A good consultant can learn and master only one or two modules of SAP. So never try to master more than one module to start with. When you have 3-4 years of experience only then you can go for any other related module. Moreover, a consultant is supposed to have prior education and experience in the area belonging to the module. For example, SAP MM covers areas including purchasing, material requirement planning (MRP) and inventory management. The consultant must have some experience…

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  1. Hi
    I will like to learn SAP MM. I will contact you

  2. I am confused about which module I should learn. If you can guide me.

  3. I have been reading ur blog for some time. I will like to learn MM. Definitely u r one who can teach MM well.

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