Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 22, 2014

All about processes for quality management on software projects

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People keep asking me why I emphasize on processes and improvement in processes on software development projects. After all, if a project team has wonderful people working hard and the project manager is equally good then why it is not enough. Wouldn’t they are going to produce a good product?

Well, let me ask you a question? Why you use a cookie cutter to make cookies? Or why you use specialized plumbing tools to repair plumbing problems? You can use common tools or no tools to do these things. Similarly you can repair the plumbing problems yourself instead of calling a plumber to repair your plumbing problem.

If you analyze then you will find that:

  • Using a cookie cutter, your cookies will have good shape
  • Using plumbing tools you can repair plumbing problems better and faster
  • A plumber will do plumbing work better and faster than you

So specialized tools and…

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  1. interesting thoughts. good to hear all about processes.

  2. Processes really are important.

  3. Life lessons teach you that there must be some good method to do anything. Without following a good method, u can never be sure.

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