Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 22, 2014

Introduction to warehouse management in SAP

Warehouse management is an important module in SAP. Even though basic warehouse management is taken care of in form of storage location in SAP MM, the storage location provides only a basic functionality. The limitations of storage location include:

  • No segregation of goods: In one storage location, you can not separate goods from each other. For example, if a storage location is meant for storing mobile phones, then you can not separate mobile phones based on any criteria like model, make, size, weight etc.
  • No location information: If you need to pick up goods then you do not know where in the storage location a particular item is kept.
  • No storage capacity information: In storage location you can not define the storage capacity.
  • No put away functionality: If some goods needs to be palletized or to be packaged then it is impossible to do it in a storage location.

A separate warehouse is needed when you have to do things like:

  • Storing goods in the same warehouse which are different from each other.
  • When you need to know where in the warehouse a particular goods are kept.
  • When you need to know if space is available for storing goods.
  • When you want to do packaging, kitting, palletizing etc.

In my next post I will discuss about configuration of warehouse in SAP.



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