Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 22, 2014

Road map to learn SAP MM: part 4

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In my previous post I had mentioned about integration angle on SAP projects. Each module team (SAP MM, SAP FI-CO, SAP SD etc.) works and completes its configuration. At the same time, these modules are integrated with each other. Most of functionality of SAP MM can not run without proper configuration is not complete in other modules.

The basic organization structure is configured in SAP FI-CO module where client, company codes and Ledger accounts are created. These master configurations are used in SAP MM. If they are not configured then SAP MM features will not work. In SAP MM there are always 2 documents created for each SAP MM specific transaction. One is called material document and the other is called financial document (only in cases when there is no change in financial accounts after any transaction, the financial document is not created). Due to any transaction in SAP MM (stock…

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  1. Hi
    ur roadmap to learn SAP MM series is excellent.

  2. good and interesting. really liked ur post.

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