Posted by: ahmedashfaque | May 1, 2014

#Win a #book #contest update May 2, 2014

Hello friends

I need some more reviews for my book. I will give free copies of the book to everyone who writes a review for the book. You can download chapter 1 of the book here.

You should complete this review form given below to win the book.

kind regards

Ashfaque Ahmed


Ashfaque Ahmed's Blog

Hello friends
My book “Software testing & quality assurance: from traditional to cloud computing” has been published today. This is the physical version of the book. The book price has been kept to the minimum (US$8.50) so that maximum numb er of people can benefit from this book as this is a very affordable price to buy. The Kindle edition of the book is already published and has been received well by readers. It is available on Amazon at

You can download chapter 1 of the book free if you can complete the feedback form provided here.

I will also send electronic copy of the book free to the lucky winner from the people who submit the review form provided below.

You can also buy the book from the same page using the shopping cart,

kind regards
Ashfaque Ahmed

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