Posted by: ahmedashfaque | May 14, 2014

Social media is a success story for me!

Hello friends

I had started using social media in 2009 when I created my blog I also created my user accounts at twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and youtube. I also have an author page at Amazon. I also made a link among my social media accounts so that my blog posts at WordPress are immediately published at my accounts on various social media.

Today I have more than 5000 connections on social media and it is growing every day. I am an author, blogger, trainer and consultant on subjects including SAP Materials Management, software project management, software quality assurance and software testing. Using my social media connections, I am able to help people to learn subjects on which I write as well as to help on their projects.

I have following programs for anyone who wants to join me:

1. Blog @

I provide free information to everyone through my posts daily. The blogs provide valuable information on subjects I deal with (SAP MM, Software project management, software quality assurance & software testing)

2. Virtual classroom training:

I provide training on SAP MM, WM through live virtual classrooms. People learn from my demonstration on live SAP environment through desktop sharing along with my streaming voice. Sample videos are available on youtube ( and I cover all areas related to SAP MM and WM. This service is available for a small fees.

3. Consulting:

People can engage me on their projects in areas related to SAP MM and WM projects.

4. Books:

So far I have written 4 books. 3 of my books are published by reputed publishers at Taylor & Francis publishing group (including CRC Press, USA) in USA. The fourth one is published at Atkinson Press, USA. You can find out more about my books at this blog or at amazon or better yet you can visit your local book store and see and read my books. All my books are available at most of the book stores online as well as at brick and mortar book stores around the world.



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