Posted by: ahmedashfaque | May 20, 2014

Virtual classrooms! If they are good enough?

New learning modes have become available to students thanks to advent of internet. Now students can learn a subject using internet through searching free stuff, attending virtual classes, using youtube to get access to video tutorials etc. If these new modes of learning are as good as learning in traditional classroom?

Let us discuss the similarities and differences between a traditional class and a virtual class.

Some advantages of virtual class:

  • You can attend the class sitting from your home. You do not need to travel to a institution to attend a class.
  • You can attend the class even at odd hours.
  • If you skip the class then you can watch the recorded class session.
  • An expert teacher in the given subject may not be available locally. In the virtual classroom method you can choose a world class teacher and learn from him/her.
  • Virtual classroom costs are always less. It is because there is no need to incur costs in renting and maintaining a classroom. A typical cost for learning a SAP module like materials management comes to $1000 or less.

Some disadvantages of virtual class:

  • The relationships developed with fellow virtual students and virtual teachers is less stronger compared to the ones developed in a traditional classroom.

Some advantages of traditional class:

  • The environment around you makes you more productive. This is the most important factor. This is the reason the top universities and learning institutions are so different from not so successful ones. The environment makes all the difference.
  • Living physically with other students and teachers makes a stronger relationship than meeting people in virtual environment.

Some disadvantages of traditional class:

  • An expert teacher in the given subject may not be available locally. To some extent this is overcome by inviting visiting faculty.
  • enrolling and attending classes is very costly. For example, learning a SAP module like materials management may cost you $5000.

Comparing both methods, it can be safely said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing to be considered here is that if the subject you want to learn is available to you in either of the 2 formats and if you can afford it and if the teacher is good enough.


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