Posted by: ahmedashfaque | May 23, 2014

Virtual classes in SAP MM – what is the feedback

I have been taking virtual classes for teaching SAP MM courses for last one year. During this period i have trained more than 40 people in countries including USA, Dubai and India. Many of my students got jobs as SAP consultants after doing the course. My students vouch for the courses they have done and they say they are fortunate that they did this course. There references are available upon request.

Some of the important components of the course:

  • Hours: The training course is run for 50 hours. In these 50 hours you learn everything including business processes, customization in SAP MM, project processes, role of SAP MM consultant etc.
  • Video: Each training session is recorded. You will get recorded video for full 50 hours. You will keep the video and it will be an invaluable asset for you for your lifetime.
  • Job guidance: I will also guide you through out the course as to which areas you need to focus so that by end of the course you are job ready.
  • Exercises: I will give you exercises through out the course which will ensure you are learning the course the right way.



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