Posted by: ahmedashfaque | May 25, 2014


How many people get stuck in their lives and feel they can’t get out? All of us have experienced it at least once in our lifetime. You say yes, but why at that moment, you feel you have lost everything. And that there is no point living anymore. Well, it is a fact of life and the truth is: all people face this situation many times in their lives. Even the most successful people face this dilemma.

Why this sinking feeling happens to people even though people surrounding them may actually feel that you are better off than most of them?

It is connected with relativity. For example, one Bollywood superstar may have everything in life. But his next flick happens to be a lame duck and he goes in depression. One more next flip flop may sound like an end to his world. So even though he has everything in life but 2 flops in a row is a relative failure for him. Similarly a successful career women many have everything in her life. But a heartbreak (a relationship failure) ends her blissful life and now she has lost everything in life. In whatever way you try to reason with them they will not see the world outside from the world they believe they are in.

People who have seen failure from their early life and have encountered it many times in their lives are emotionally better prepared for failures. At the same time, people who have a good childhood where they were raised in a loving atmosphere are emotionally stronger and better prepared.

The best remedy to deal with failures is to keep going. Move on! If you able to move on then no matter how big a failure you come across, it will not affect you. Get yourself out and keep in company of positive people. Pursue what interests you. Short time downfalls will never affect your entire life. In the end if you pursue the goals you have set in your life and you achieve them then that is what matters. All other things do not matter. In fact, I have known many people who had faced very difficult times in their lives had overcome all the odds and achieved their goals. I have also known many people who had everything in their lives but after facing some difficult times, squandered everything as they got drowned in their sorrows.

Success and failures are relative things. For you, it may be a failure but for others it could be a success.


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