Posted by: ahmedashfaque | May 26, 2014

Up to 100% fee waiver for needy students for SAP training

Hello friends

I have started a program where I waive off tuition fee for needy students. Percentage of fee waived depends on the need. To qualify please email me at The waiver can reach up to 100%. That means, really needy students do not have to pay any fee at all and they will be provided SAP training absolutely free.

There are no barriers in this program. Any student from any country can apply. The training is provided in a virtual classroom over a web meeting session. Study materials, exercises etc. are all provided free of cost to every student.



  1. I want participate in that SAP training!

    • Hi Hugo
      Please provide following details:
      1. Full name
      2. Age
      3. Education
      4. Work experience
      5. Proficiency level in English
      6. Proficiency in software applications
      7. Financial status for last 3 years (if you are dependent on your parents then financial status for your parents)

      Ashfaque Ahmed

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