Posted by: ahmedashfaque | May 31, 2014

How to tame the social media to get benefits you wanted

Social media is here to stay for good reasons. It is the cheapest and quickest way to reach your customers. But most people do not know how to tame it so that they get large followers. Here are some tips to do it the right way. I learned these tricks from my own experiences and they sure work.

1. Find out your target audience:

this is the most important aspect because even if you get a large number of followers who are not your potential customers then it will be a waste of your time. They are not going to buy any of your stuff. Then how to find out your target audience? Google it and find out the people who are selling the same stuff as you (your competitors). Find out who are their followers. These are the people who are your potential customers.

2. Make your own pitch:

Marketing jargon may sound good but if you are able to tell your customers what you are selling and how your offering is different from the next guy? Your marketing pitch makes all the difference.

3. Geography:

In which geographies you are selling your stuff? targeting your audiences in the right geography will surely make all the difference.

4. Content:

Surely you need your own blog so that your customers are directed to your blog from the tweets or threads you create. Your blog should clearly reflect what you are offering.

5. Reaching out to many places:

The more places your presence is felt, the more potential customers you will get. Leaving comments at other blogs, writing guest blogs at other blogs will surely leave your mark at many places. This will ensure that you have more potential customers getting in touch with you.

6. Keep increasing your network:

You must keep increasing your network in the social media. Only then you will be able to find new customers.

I am sure you may find the information i have provided here at many sites. You may also have tried to do it but you may not have succeeded. It is because any of your marketing aspect may not have been clear enough for your potential customers. Do not lose heart. You try again. Analyze and find out where and what you did it wrong. Fix it. You will succeed in the end. No doubt.



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