Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 3, 2014

Role of mentor in finding a job

Many people find this situation perplexing. They wanted to be in a job which would give them good money and satisfaction. They did good research about the job market. They were keen to do everything to get into this kind of job. They also did good research about the training institute which will give them best training to get this job. Finally they paid hefty fee and joined this training course. After completion of training, they started looking for jobs. They networked and found out where there are openings and they applied. They kept applying at many advertised and non advertised jobs. But even after months of going through all this hard work. they could not get a job.


This is a common problem faced by  many people. Some of the reasons why they could not find the right job are listed here:

  • Employers were looking for experienced people. New grads were not welcome.
  • The job market was tight and hiring was not happening at most companies.
  • The applicant lacked the right skills even after going through training.
  • The applicant was not able to write the right things on his resume
  • The applicant was not a good communicator and he was not able to communicate well on his / her interviews.

All the problems mentioned above can be tackled and the applicant can bag a job regardless of all these problems.


Here comes the mentor. A mentor can help job applicants in getting a job no matter what kind of problems are faced by the applicant.

  • The mentor can assist the applicant in finding a job requiring experience even if the applicant apparently does not possess them. The mentor can find out ways to tackle employers on this issue.
  • Even in tight job market conditions, some jobs still exist. these jobs are bagged by the applicants who are able to demonstrate that they are the best for the job. The mentor can hone skills of the applicant so that the applicant will be able to demonstrate that he/she possesses the best skills for the job.
  • The mentor can help the applicant to master the skills so that he/she can demonstrate skills well on interviews.
  • the mentor can polish resume of the applicant in such a way that the right things show at right places on the resume and the resume is picked by employers.
  • The mentor can help the applicant in polishing his communication skills so that the applicant is able to do well on interviews.




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