Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 4, 2014

How to find a good mentor

You have been searching for jobs for months but have not been able to find one. What you gonna do now? You decide to quit. But hang on. There is one resource left which did not consider.

What is that resource?

It is the mentor.

Is it easy to find one? No. But it is possible.

How? Where?

In my last post, I had described how a mentor can help you to find a job even in a very tough job market. Now finding a job is not easy. But you can do that.

Here is how.

You should make a list of people who can be your potential mentor. Include these people in your list:

  • Your parents and relatives who you think can be your potential mentor due to their good links and networks in the industry and their knowledge and experience
  • Your current and past teachers and professors
  • Your ex bosses and colleagues who you think can a good mentor
  • Industry experts and subject matter experts (this option is difficult for you as they may not know you and they will unlikely become your mentor).

Once your list is ready then you should do analysis as to who will be your best mentor. You should not zero in on just one potential mentor. Because your chosen mentor may refuse to be your mentor. If your first ranked potential mentor refuses to be your mentor then you should approach the next one in your list. Once one person agrees to be your mentor then you can follow him and do the needful until you find a job.




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