Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 6, 2014

Social media tools comparison

Social media is the fastest growing trend in the world today. Its growth has surpassed all known milestones in human history. It has become so popular that people are people are using it for almost everything they want to do in life, business or career. People use it to connect with friends. Business houses use it to connect with customers. Employers use it to connect with employees. People use it for finding soul mates. You name it and social media does it for you.

With popularity of social media, there have been proliferation of social media tools in the market. Which one is good for you? Which tool is best suited for your purpose?

Let us compare some of the most popular social media tools.


Facebook is one of the oldest social media tool in the market. It is also one of the most popular tools. Some of the great features in Facebook include, finding friends, adding and displaying images and videos, advertising your stuff etc. You can also create like pages and drive traffic to your like page. You can create or become member of a group of friends or professionals or a group with common interest or hobby. There are also a plethora of applications which can be plugged into Facebook like games, music feeds, other social media feeds etc.

The limitations of Facebook include inability to add like minded people as friends if you do not know them. If you send friend request to unknown people then your account can be suspended. My personal opinion is that it is a big drawback of Facebook. Why you can not add like minded people even if they are strangers. I think this limitation of Facebook is hindering growth and people will migrate to other user friendly social media tools.


The objectives of LinkedIn are very clear. This tool should be used by professionals to meet and befriend like minded professionals. this tool should also be used to portray your educational qualifications and professional experiences. LinkedIn has been successful to keep its character and attract users who use it for exactly the same purposes, it was built for. People can add friends in their own immediate circles or even outside their own circles, like friend of a friend.

The limitation of LinkedIn is that they are trying to make it more of a paid service than a free tool. Recently they have changed the way, you send a friend request to people. Now you must know email address of a person whom you want to befriend. I think, this curtailing of privileges to users will result in curtained growth of LinkedIn in future.


I love Twitter. Initially when it was launched, people used to think how they can communicate with other people with just 140 character messages. But Twitter has shown that it is possible. Now you can add music, videos and images with your messages. At twitter, there are no barriers as to whom you want to add as your friend. You can add or remove your friends without any consideration. The only difference with Twitter as compared to other tools is that the add friend feature here is one way. You can just “follow” somebody without the other person even bothering about who is following you. If the other person realizes that he can “follow” you back then he/she can do that. I think, Twitter is going to keep growing as i do not see any drawback in the way Twitter works.


Instagram is for people who love photography. You can upload your videos and images and can also do great editing with your uploaded media. I have never used Instagram so I do not know all its features.


PInterest is the social media avatar of sticky notes. You stick your notes on your refrigerator, kitchen cupboards, office desk etc. Likewise you can stick your notes, images etc. anywhere on your PInterest page. I have never used PInterest so i do not know many of its features.



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