Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 10, 2014

Virtual classrooms are a big hit!

I have been conducting SAP Materials management training for some time through virtual classrooms. These virtual classrooms have become a big hit and I have been thronged with inquiries about admissions. The response to virtual classrooms have been overwhelming.

Benefits of my virtual classrooms:

  • Cost effective: The cost for attending my SAP MM courses is coming to just 25% of what any student has to pay for attending the same kind of courses in traditional classrooms.
  • Convenience: Students can attend classes right from sitting in their homes. They just have to logged into internet and
  • Flexibility: No matter when in the day or night they want to attend the class, the class is available.
  • No commuting: In large cities, commuting to and from the class is a big hurdle. Sometimes the commuting time can be as much as 3 hours each way. To attend a virtual class, they do not have to commute at all and waste time.
  • Teaching Quality: I am an established and well known consultant in SAP Materials Management having more than 25 years of experience. I have also authored 4 books which are published by renowned publishers like Francis & Taylor. I have more knowledge than any average trainer you will find at any training institute. I impart all my knowledge to my students in a very effective way. Students like my teaching methodology.
  • Video quality: I conduct my classes using Google+ hangouts. Quality of the live streaming video and audio is excellent.
  • Year round admissions: You don’t need to wait for a class to start after admission. The class will start immediately. Classes are
  • Free demonstration: If anybody wants to have a demonstration to see quality of the teaching before taking admission, I do a free demonstration where the student can verify whether he/she gets satisfied with quality or not.
  • Real life project: After completion of training, I also give project work to students. They work on real life SAP implementation projects. These projects ensure that they can show work experience to employers.
  • Career guidance: After completion of training, I give career guidance to students so that they can find a job quickly. Most of my students get a job within 1 month after completion of their course.
  • Borderless: My classrooms have no boundaries. I teach people who are from many countries. I have students from USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Mexico, South America, Australia, India and many other countries.

In fact after seeing success of SAP MM training, I will be starting training in other modules of SAP like SAP FICO, SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP CRM, SAP HCM soon. I am hiring trainers for teaching these courses.

For enquiries please contact me at


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