Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 12, 2014

New platforms for learning

Traditionally people used to enroll in brick and mortar schools and colleges for learning. After the advent of networks of computers, it became possible that students can learn from their professors remotely. Each student would sit in front of a computer which is networked to the computer which is used by their professor. So even if the professors is remotely located, he/she can still can teach students using the network of computers. Students can hear and interact with their professor just like they do in a usual classroom, even though the professor is located remotely. Using cameras, speakers, microphone, web meeting software and internet connection, the professor is able to do all the things to teach students without any barriers posed by remote location.

In fact using latest technology, task of teaching is much better. Students can not only interact with the professor but also can interact with the computer screen which the professor shared with the students. This makes it possible to teach things like live demonstrations of a computer software.

I can see that people have difficulty in trusting this new platform for learning. They are not familiar with this new environment. They are not sure that it works.

Let me assure them that this new way of learning is far better than the traditional method of learning they are used to. They can see and participate on this new platform during my demo classrooms which I conduct regularly.

If anybody wants to participate in such demo classrooms then they can email me at


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