Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 13, 2014

Human psychology and new technology

Marketers are forced to use the new technology like the internet to market their products and services because of market needs. In the era before the advent of internet, people used to buy products and services from brick and mortar market places. In the age of internet, many of marketing tools have changed. Online marketing is a trend which will keep growing but it poses many challenges.

Traditionally people tend to judge things:

  • which they can see with their own eyes
  • Which they can feel with their own senses
  • Which they can smell with their own nose
  • Which they can hear with their own ears
  • Which is near the place where they live
  • Which is used by their peers
  • Which is advised by their mentors or the people in whom they have trust

Once they judge that the thing is of their use, has good quality and the price is right then they will buy it. If after judging they do not found the thing of any use to them or quality of the thing is not good or the price is not right then they will not buy it.

The new technology has brought some challenges to these beliefs of people.

  • They can see the image of the thing but not the real thing
  • They can not feel with their senses by touching
  • They can not smell it

How the marketers are coping with these challenges?

As can be seen from the list of challenges given above, there are some factors which are not favorable to marketers. But there are still some factors which are helpful to online marketers.

  • They can hear it alright
  • It may not be near the place where they live
  • Can see how their peers are using the thing
  • can get advice from their mentors or the people in whom they have trust

So marketers are using these factors in their online marketing campaigns to win buyers.



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