Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 15, 2014

Myths and facts about Twitter

I love twitter and it is my favorite jaunt to meet friends, discuss things and enjoy happy moments in life. While Twitter does a lot of things for you but many people are still confused about its functionality and how to use it. Some myths have been developed which need to be busted and some facts which are not obvious needs to be stressed upon.

So here is my list of myths and facts about Twitter.

1. Follow famous people and people will follow you: This is the greatest myth about Twitter. Why people will care whether you follow famous people or not.  People will follow you only when it is worthwhile for them to follow you. You need to present yourself and your stuff in a way which will attract people and so they will follow you. Only your profile and your content in your tweets will ensure how many people have interest in you and your content. This automatically may result in follows.

2. Follow people who may have interest in you and your content: Some people may find you and your content through search engines. If they find you or your content interesting then they will follow you. But when you start using social media, many people may not know you. The best way to attract attention is to follow people who may have interest. Once they see your profile and your content they will follow you.

3. Tweet often but do not make useless tweets: Many people keep tweeting about useless events happening around them. These events may not have any meaning for people and your tweets will in fact may annoy people.

4. Acknowledge kindness: Some people may retweet you tweets, mention you in their tweets or thank you for following them. Always acknowledge kindness extended to you by thanking them in your tweets.

5. Start some movement: If you have interest in any social cause then you can join already started movements on twitter. You can also start your own movements.

6. Give away some prizes: If you want to start marketing some of your stuff on Twitter, you can announce some contest and give prizes to the winners.

7. Help people: You may notice, some tweets are made for donations or charities for social causes. Tweet these messages as well as help those in need. You profile definitely will carry a positive image on twitter and put you in good light.



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