Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 23, 2014

SAP MM tips 1

SAP application as it stands today is still not smart enough. When you create some master data where a large number of tables need to be compiled, the application is not able to perform its job well. For instance, if you create a plant in the SAP system, the system does not compile completely and some entries in tables not created. The result; your new plant may not function properly even though the system may show that the new plant has been created. Only when you go for assigning this new plant to a company code, you realize that this new plant is not shown in the list of plants to be assigned to a company code.

The work around for this problem is that you copy an existing plant and later you change plant name as well as data to suite your needs. Similarly when you create a new material then you need to populate a large pool of data for various material master views. So it is better to copy an existing material and later change data at various views as per your needs.

In SAP, there are some tools available to create a large number of master data quickly. For example, material master data can be created for a large number of materials through mass maintenance facility for materials.

Similarly when you create a new warehouse then similar to creation of a new plant, a large number of entries need to be made in many tables. So it is advisable to copy an existing warehouse and later change warehouse number as well as the data as per your needs. Vendor creation also requires a large number of entries to be made in tables and so copying an existing vendor and later changing data makes sense.

For creation of some master data though the system does not need to write a large number of entries in many tables. For example, creation of purchase organization, storage location, purchasing group etc. do not require a large number of entries to be made in tables.


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