Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 30, 2014

SAP MM tips 4

There are partner roles defined in SAP so that each kind of partners can be integrated into the SAP system and thus the customer can do business with them.

But in SAP system, partners are not defined at the same level as the customer or vendor or the manufacturer itself. Instead the partner roles are defined at a level down. First you have a vendor and then many partner roles can be defined inside this vendor master. So a vendor can become a logistics provider, a broking agent etc.

When a vendor has many sites from where it delivers goods to the manufacturer then this partner functionality comes as a rescue. Each of the shipping addresses corresponding to the vendor sites can be entered into SAP as a “shipping address” partner role. This way, you maintain one vendor and many partner roles for the vendor.

Otherwise, to capture this scenario, you would have to create many vendor masters representing each shipping address.


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