Posted by: ahmedashfaque | July 6, 2014

Meaning of life

Sometimes I wonder what is the meaning of life. Why we are born, why we live and why we die. Who controls everything in this universe? Why this universe was created? What could be the ultimate goal of life and this entire universe itself?

Buddha observed that there is so much suffering in life and there is only salvation through renouncing this world. If this is the only way? If renouncing this world is the only solution then why we came in this world in the first place? There must be some meaning to life. Just renouncing the worldly things is not the solution.

I think the best solution is to live your life for others. But at the same time, there is question of sustaining yourself and your family. To sustain yourself and your family you must be earning enough so that you can buy food, clothing and shelter for yourself and your family. Once you are able to do that then you can think about helping others. People are in need of food, clothing, shelter. You try to help them get these. You can also help people by providing education and training so that they are able to help themselves by becoming good enough to earn for themselves. Some people need counseling for tiding over grief, misfortunes etc. You can help them by counseling. Some other people need protection from some bad people. You can help them providing protection against these bad people.

With most people, the problem is the rat race. People see their neighbors, colleagues and relatives making more money than themselves. So they keep trying to work more and earn more. This rat race is so strong that people do not see anything apart from the need to earn more. They develop blinkers around their eyes. Many people are so busy in their professional and family life that they have no time to ponder about life and its meaning.

People must find some time to think about it. After all, whatever money they earn will not go with them when they die. But the good things they do in life is always remembered. I do not know what happens after life but as long as you live, if you keep doing good things then definitely you will have a better life and you will always feel good. So people must have to think and make decisions to make life better.

Just acquiring material things and disregarding everything else makes no sense. You earn money and spend money just to keep yourself entertained just not makes sense. there must be some purpose and meaning to your life.

Money can buy you momentary happiness but it can not buy love, peace and permanent happiness. But your good acts do buy you love, peace and permanent happiness.

I think seeking true love, peace, permanent happiness is a better option than leading a life of stress and hatred (which are results of rat race).


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