Posted by: ahmedashfaque | July 11, 2014

Career planning myths & truths

During the formative years, young people are mostly impressionists. At this tender age, young people want to copy or do more than what their peers are doing without having the capacity to think about consequences, positive or negative impacts on their health, career, monetary or family life.

If the parents or guardians do not guide the young impressionists then they will ruin their lives. Apart from other hazards, their career planning also goes awry. They see some of their friends choosing a particular career, they also want to take that career path without realizing if their mental, physical aptitude is relevant for that career path.

I see the most destructive events which hamper career planning is the hype in the market. Some new buzzword is spread by some companies or some people and it becomes all the raze among the youth. For instance, just some time back there were buzzwords like “Big data” and SAP HANA in the market. every young man and women wanted to take a career in these fields without realizing whether they were fit for these career paths or if this career path was really worth it. In such a scenario if a serious person wants to take a decision about a particular career path but due to all the buzz words floating around, he / she gets confused.

Every young impressionist mind comes across this confused state of mind. Good counselling and career planning is a must in these situations.


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