Posted by: ahmedashfaque | August 4, 2014

SAP certification: some important tips 2

SAP certification is crucial these days to get a good SAP consultant job these days. In the first part I had discussed about prerequisites and requirements to get SAP certified. In this post I will focus on preparation aspects for the certification exam.

SAP certification exams are different for different SAP areas based on role or business solution. If you are a technical consultant and work with SAP business objects and write ABAP code then you will be appearing for the SAP HANA or Netweaver certification. If you are a project manager then you should get certified in the SAP project management certification. If you have been working on the procurement or inventory management areas then you should be get certified on SAP Materials Management. Similarly if your area is Sales & distribution then you should be certified on SAP Sales & distribution.

As you may be aware, there are 2 aspects about any SAP system. One is to configure and customize the standard SAP application so that it will be as per requirement of your customer needs. SAP consultants work on this area. The other aspect about the SAP system is that any end user uses the SAP application to perform every day business transactions. Even the end user needs expertise of business knowledge as well as how to perform transactions in any SAP system. In fact, SAP consultants also need to know how to perform business transactions in any SAP system. Most of the questions asked in the SAP certification exam are based not on customization aspect but on how a business transaction is performed in the SAP system. You need to know each SAP screen in detail.

Most of the questions in the SAP certification exam are based on following topics:

1. What fields are there on any SAP screen and how these fields are linked to business objects inside the SAP system?

2, What happens when you do any action on any SAP screen?

3. What options are available to you for performing any business transaction in the SAP system?

Each certification exam consists of 80 questions.

I will elaborate details about the structure of the certification exam in my next post.



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