Posted by: ahmedashfaque | August 9, 2014

Business conversations 1

An IT company sent an inexperienced SAP consultant to meet the customer as there were no experienced consultant available. here goes the conversation between the customer and the newbie SAP consultant at the meeting.

SAP consultant: Good Morning Steve.

Customer: Good Morning, Ramesh.

SAP consultant: What are your requirements?

Customer: In my company I have goods manufactured in my plant 1. Some components required to manufacture are transported from my plant 2. If your software will be able to do financial and stock accounting for these transactions?

SAP consultant: Off course. SAP has features of plant to plant stock transfer facility and your requirements will be met without any problems.

Customer: What if we need to cancel some of these transactions when the goods are already on the way?

SAP consultant: SAP has facility to return goods to the vendor even after purchase orders are created.

Customer: But we are not using vendors for these transactions. Goods are transferred from one plant to another.

SAP consultant: the goods issuing plant is the vendor in SAP.

Customer: But why i need to create purchase orders for transferring goods from one plant to another.

SAP consultant: in SAP, a stock transport order (STO) needs to be created for transfer of stock between 2 plants. This STO is essentially a purchase order.

Customer: Look mister. I do not want to use any purchase order or what you call STO for my goods transfers.

SAP consultant: Sir, at all places i have implemented SAP system, they use STO for goods transfer between plants.

Customer: I do not want your software. Please tell your company.

The meeting ended unsuccessfully. The newbie SAP consultant reported this to his company.

Please stay tuned for what happened next..



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