Posted by: ahmedashfaque | August 10, 2014

Business conversations 2

In the first part of this series, you saw a newbie SAP consultant failed to convinced the customer. He came back and reported the matter to his IT company. The CIO of the company, Suresh (himself an accomplished SAP consultant) immediately got in touch with the customer. He profusely expressed regret for what happened and took a permission to meet the customer. So here goes the conversation at this meeting.

Suresh: I am extremely sorry for everything. Our experienced SAP consultants were busy on other projects and so we could not send the right person to meet you in the first place,

Customer: It is alright. What you want to propose?

Suresh: You wanted to transfer goods between your plants without using purchase orders. If this is correct?

Customer: Yes.

Suresh: Well, it is perfectly possible to do so using SAP application. We will implement the solution as per your needs. What else you need?

Customer: We want a pricing solution for our external procurement so that we get the best prices from our vendors. Currently many of our vendors offer bulk discounts for long term contracts but somehow we are not able to realize the reward points offered from our vendors.

Suresh: Don’t worry. We will implement our solution so that you will always be able to realize the reward points offered by your vendors.

Customer: Some of my vendors offer reward points across all the materials they sell to us. I mean they give reward points for buying each of their materials. These reward points are different for different materials. At the end of each month, all the reward points accumulated are added up and we use a debit memo to get these reward points. Currently our purchase people keep track of these reward points on excel sheets. The problem is that, sometimes we miss to record the reward points on excel sheet. You can understand it is possible as we procure a large number of materials from our vendors.

Suresh: Don’t worry Steve. We will take care of your all the reward points. Our system will record them automatically and it will also generate the debit memo at the end of each month automatically. You will never miss on any discounts offered by your vendors.

Customer: That is wonderful.

Suresh: What else you will need?

Customer: Well, I am very satisfied with meeting with you. I am giving the contract to you to implement the software solution. All of our other requirements will be communicated to you by my project manager.

Suresh: Thanks Steve for giving us this opportunity. My team will be there and will make sure that your requirements are met. If you need to talk to me or feel something needs to be taken care of then you have my direct number.

Customer: Thanks Suresh.


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