Posted by: ahmedashfaque | August 11, 2014

Business Conversations 3

Just another day there was an internal meeting at client. The attendees were Steve (the business owner) and Bryan (the project manager).

Steve: Tell me Bryan, how the project going?

Bryan: Things look fine. We are lagging behind only on pricing part.

Steve: What is the problem which is holding back pricing part?

Bryan: The IT consultant says the pricing determination for our procurement for materials will not work. This also means that all the discounts offered by vendors we wanted to keep track off will also not work.

Steve: Why so?

Bryan: They are saying separate pricing components should be developed for each vendor. We do not want to do that.

Steve: Why you do not want to do that?

Bryan: It will create a large number of pricing components and maintaining them will be a problem for us.

Steve: OK. Please call the IT consultant. I will discuss this matter with them.

Stay tuned for what happened next…



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