Posted by: ahmedashfaque | August 30, 2014

If diversity is there in your career profile?

If you have had a diverse track in your career profile, you had a disadvantage. Employers would think you are not focused enough. But not any more. Why?

If you are very predictable, a carbon copy or a robot and know only one thing to do and have always done that then you are easily replaceable. You do not have your own brand. You do not possess the unique qualities of an employee who has shown an ability to do different things when required to do so.

Employers now seek employees who can change themselves when the situation demands. As you can see around yourself that change is happening everywhere and at faster rates. So employers now give credit to people who can adapt themselves in changing situations.

For example, social media has changed the way business houses deal with customers. Using social media for advertising, reaching out to customers and prospective employees etc. are the latest trends, companies are employing increasingly. Companies are looking for people who can use social media effectively in their jobs. People who have hopped on to social media for their personal use can fit in the new kinds of jobs being created. Even if the job does not require using of social media currently but in future many jobs will move wherein social media may be used instead of traditional tools.

So how employers will find out suitable candidates for the jobs when nature of jobs are changing? Definitely they will look for people who have shown tendency to do various kinds of jobs in the past. The other aspect of change is that, employers find it difficult to find suitable candidates for jobs with good experience. This is because, as new trends keep arising for various job profiles, not many people are available who have experience in the respective fields.


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