Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 26, 2014

How to deal with difficult people on the project – part 5

For last few days we have been discussing about dealing with difficult people on the projects. The last post was about a person not able to deal with his personal problem and was needing counseling. In this post we have another case where a person needed counseling for his personal problem.

When i was working for this New Jersey based company, I had a person who faced traumatic experience in his personal life. This person had come to USA recently and was accompanied by his wife and a 3 year old son. As a new immigrant, he was coming to terms with the new life in new environment. He was nice and hard working. But he faced a difficult situation just within 5 months of his arrival in USA. It was regarding his wife being brainwashed by a social worker. She became adamant on separation. He tried all his best efforts to persuade his wife from desisting but his wife did not budge.

In the office we became aware of his situation but we could not help. Then one fine day his wife left their 3 year old son. He had no clues as to whereabouts of his wife. he contacted the police and told them to lodge a complaint about a missing person. The police told him that he has nothing to worry about and his wife and his kid will be safe. Within a couple of days, he received a letter from the local court that a case has been filed against him by his wife. His wife had made lots of serious allegations against him.

this incident shook this guy terribly. He was new to USA and had no relatives whom he could approach for help. We in the office tried to help him all we could. Our legal counsel for the company then contacted many family lawyers to find a good lawyer for this person. I personally comforted this person and told him that our office will help him in his crisis. i told him to abide by what his lawyer advised and stand firm. He used to love his son very much and was missing him badly.

One thing remarkable about this person was that he was mentally tough. All this big crisis in his personal life did not affect his performance on his job. He did his best as always even this crisis. On our part, we stood by him. The court had allowed him to meet his son once in a month. So he used to go his son in an arranged place. Through out this period he was constantly in touch with his in laws in India and his family through phone. His in laws supported him fully. After 6 months of separation, his wife realized the mistake she had made and decided to return.

I must salute this person’s sincerity and courage.

Lesson’s learned

Some people are mentally tough and can ride over difficult situations through their courage  and sincerity.



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