Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 27, 2014

Burning issues 1 – Erosion in family values

Erosion in family values is causing too many problems in our lives. Most people are living without having a family. Living single leads to emotional distress and unfulfilled life.

Family system used to provide a good emotional, financial and security platform. Our civilization survived and thrived for thousands of years due to strong family system. Division of labor and roles were marked clearly and everybody used to perform them religiously. Due to inherently strong foundations of the family system, the human society thrived for thousands of years.

Suddenly in the last 50 years, the family system has started breaking. For some reason or the other, people have started moving out of family system. More than 60% people today find the family system is not possible for them sometime in their lives. So even when they started a family in the beginning, they move out later. This has led to profound effects on the society.

Some of the side effects of breaking family system includes:

  • Children finding themselves living in abnormal conditions which distorts their mental growth. Many research findings indicate this fact. This is true of children in families who keep fighting and exposing children of violence or when they separate. In both cases, children are the loser.
  • Adults forced to live alone which affects their mental health.
  • More people having bad health due to lack of emotional support
  • Lack of caregivers for people who become ill. The fact remains that family members provide excellent care when people fall ill.
  • Building a future generation who will be uncertain about their identities. this is because most children today are either neglected or abused.

Let us face it. Most people whether men or women; will admit they will like to have a nice family with good kids and good family life. But sadly it is not happening for most people. People try to have a family and when it does not happen then they come out and become single. If this was an exception case, then it would have been acceptable but if you statistics, you will find that majority of people are going through this phenomenon. So breaking of families has become the rule rather than the exception.

We should better be finding solutions to these acute problems and make sure that family system is restored for most people. Let us make it a rule rather than the exception.



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