Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 28, 2014

Burning issues 2 – Erosion in family values

In my last post we had seen how breaking families are adversely impacting people and children alike. In this post we will discuss some solutions to these prevalent maladies associated with broken families.

First of all, the rule should be clear to everybody that most people should have good families and have good family lives. Broken families should be only an exception and not the rule.

Due to structural changes in society, the phenomenon of breaking families is happening at alarming rate. As we move towards a large city life, most people have less time for their families. Most of their time is spent in commuting and attending to their jobs. Less time for family surely is a recipe for broken family. Children who have grown in problematic family backgrounds develop with wrong values in life as well as having a less than average mental growth. Today, you will see that there are more people with different lifestyle than what is normal. This is resulting in a situation where finding right partner for men and women is becoming difficult.

These considerations make it a paramount importance to have good families and good family values.

Let us see some remedies which can prevent broken families:

  • Changes in family laws so that they are more towards building families and not breaking families. Current family laws are actually helping in breaking families. Some changes can include more counseling sessions organized for people seeking separation, making the separation itself difficult for people, investigating false allegations to make sure that only genuine causes are heard in the family court etc.
  • In most cases where partners have differences and want separation is because of lack of understanding between them. this is happening because most people are busy on their jobs and have no time for family. People should make conscious efforts to spend more time with families. Spending more time with each other helps in understanding needs of each other which helps in improving relationships.
  • Government action to build organizations which will help people to educate and help them having good family life. awareness creation and counseling can play a big role in making “family first” objectives.

Today many people opt out of family system due to various reasons feel that they are only a few exceptions and the society in general will not have any impact. But the truth is that broken families already is taking a toll on our generation and the next generations to come.

It is high time people think about it.


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