Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 29, 2014

How to deal difficult people on projects – part 6

In the last part of this series we had seen how some people can be mentally strong and can handle adverse situations with aplomb. In today’s part we will discuss some issues related to work place ethics.

Many people today use social media in their private or working lives. At the same time many people are addicted to social media. They will shelve their immediate work and go on social media to socialize with their friends. This adversely affects their productivity on their jobs. For this reason many companies do not allow their employees to use social media during their working hours.

I my opinion, social media should be allowed to be used during work hours but with a rider. If an employee wants to use the social media for their personal work then they can do it. But their work should not hamper. To ensure that work does not hamper, some guidelines should be in place.

First, it should be ensured that employees report their work progress on daily basis. This ensures that employees are aware of the need to perform their work regularly. The work progress reporting system can be implemented on the intranet. The managers should must check progress report daily. If an employee is found to be lagging behind his project work due to excessive use of social media then he/she should be counseled.

All companies allow people to use their mobile phones during work hours. There is no point in restricting them from using social media. I have come across many of my project team members whose work was affected due to excessive use of mobile phones. Similar is the case with social media. When people realize that their work is getting hampered and the issue has been escalated to the manager then they definitely realize their mistake and become sober when it comes to using either mobile phones or social media.

Lesson learned

In today’s lifestyles, mobile phones and social media are beasts which should be tamed. Otherwise they hamper work.


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