Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 11, 2014

software & IT project management differences

Information Technology (IT) projects and software projects are quite different from each other. But many people are not able to differentiate between the two. Let us discuss what exactly are IT & software projects?

A Software product is essentially an invisible, intangible source code when run on a hardware platform like your personal computer, can display or do other things for you. The source code is a set of instructions contained inside a program. A complete software product consists of a large set of such programs.

So when we talk of software project, we are talking about making a software product by writing source code. A software project can be for both creating a new software product or maintaining an existing software product. A project for creating a new software product is known as a software development project. A project where an existing software product is to be maintained is known as a software support project. It is to be noted here that a software product can be maintained either to refurbish it so that the obsolete parts are changed or sometimes a software product has many defects and these defects need to be removed.

An IT product consists of both software as well as hardware parts. Hardware parts could be a computer, an embedded product (e.g. electronic controlling devices for automobiles) etc. Hardware could even be parts of a robot. All hardware parts are made up of electronic chips.

Any electronic device can be run by humans or by some software program. For example, a television set is controlled by a human being using a remote control. A personal computer can be started and shut off be a human being. Any computer program can also be started and shut off by a human being. Parts of a computer program can also be controlled by a human being using menus, push buttons etc. So far, you can see that operating a television set and operating a computer program requires inputs from a human being.

So how a computer program is different compared to a television set? The difference comes from the fact that whenever a computer program is run using some menus or push buttons, the software (the source code) runs and some output is presented to the use of the computer program. In case of a television set, the user actually plays with the hardware. For example, the user can use push buttons on a remote control to adjust sound volume. Here the user is actually directly controlling the hardware.

Generally when we talk of IT projects, some software systems are also involved. These software systems can be either part of the IT projects or can be separate project.

You can now see the difference between IT & software projects.


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