Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 19, 2014

Difference between a human brain & a computer part 1

Ever since computers were invented, computer scientists have tried to emulate the human brain in building computer systems. After all computers are supposed to do calculations and many functions which are done by a human brain.

Off course primitive computers of the early days were able to do very basic functions. The current computers have become very sophisticated and can do a lot of things. Still when it comes to comparing the human brain, computers are way behind.

Let us first understand how our brain works. We can then move over to see how and where a pot of progress has been done in building computers and in which areas research is going on.

Humans are gifted with senses of vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing. What we see, eat, touch, smell or hear is done though our sensing devices in form of our nose, taste buds on our tongue, ears, eyes and our body. The signals from these sensory organs is sent to our brain and our brain processes these signals and tells us if what we ate was yummy or what music we heard was melodious etc.

Our brain is also capable of processing many types of signals at the same time. This is known as parallel processing. So we can hear & enjoy music and at the same time we can read a book. Imagine if our brain was not capable of doing parallel processing.

For our everyday work , we do a lot of calculations. In fact our brain is doing calculations all the time even without our realization. For instance, when we are shopping for goods, our brain is working and doing calculations and telling us which goods are worth the money we are spending or which dress looks better of the 2 selected dresses when we look in the mirror and trying to finding out a better choice. When we taste a new recipe, our brain does calculations & tells us if the recipe is better than the one we tried last week.

Our brain is the best computer ever invented. We should be thankful to God for giving it to us.

In next post i will discuss more about computers & our brains.



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