Posted by: ahmedashfaque | October 20, 2014

Difference between a human brain & a computer – part 2

In the last post we had seen how a human brain works. We will continue to discuss further in this post.

When computer scientists thought of making a machine which can do some work similar to what a human brain does, the first thing which came to their mind was doing calculations. As has been seen in the last post, human brain keeps doing some kind of calculations all the time, but it was realized that there is a shortcoming to the way a human brain does calculation. This shortcoming is that it is slow in doing so. A computer can do faster calculations.

This realization led to making of first mechanical computers (or rather calculators). These calculators could do calculations faster than a human brain. Then by 1041 diode valve based computers were invented. These large computers could not only do calculations but could do some more. Algorithms were developed for these computers and using punch cards, many tasks like finding out scientific calculations could be done. As computers evolved more, many kinds of applications were developed and computers keep doing more and more kinds of stuff. By 1960’s computers were able to do complex things like making business plans, help companies doing everyday business by executing business transactions etc.

Since then the main use of computers have been in using them in business. But advance in computer technology also helped them being used in other areas like making weather forecasts, using them in defense intelligence, making computer based games, using them in communications field etc.

Now that use of computers have been firmly established in many fields, computer scientists are building computers which can think like a human brain. Computers can now see, feel, smell, hear and taste like a human being though not at the scale at which humans can do these things. But in future we will see computers which can do all these things at par with a human being can do these things.

Emotions, judgments and complex thinking process of a human brain is something which a computer is still incapable of. But with more advances in computer technology, these things will become a reality soon.


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